Photography By Huzzatul Mursalin


A thin line of pain

Days are altering faster than the last decade. Cost of rapid growth of modern civilizations put an colossal scratch on the socio economic pattern of life. Somehow and somewhere there is an impact of this rapid uprising. And documenting this stories are getting hard-hitting, and the reason is us.
Yes, we the photographers are making our job difficult day by day. While photographing in a balloon factory in Kamrangirchor, I have experienced one of the bitter experiences of my photography life. This boy was instructed not to show his face to any intruders and the person in charge was threatening me. According to him, from last few months everyday a bunch of photographers visit their shop and interrupt their routine work. They are not worried about the impact of using child labor at their factory, the issue which they are concerned is these photographers impede their work. They agitate these kids in making their frames, which cost factory owner times and money. I have tried a lot to make them understand, but I was totally disastrous when the manager start punishing one of the kids, just because he looked at me. Which burst me out and meanwhile me and the manager had some conversations. After a while I left the factory, and move on. But the faces of those small kids put a permanent scratch on my mind and a thin line of pain start taking over my mind.

Belon 5

Belon 6

A  thin line of pain

Belon 4 Belon 3 Belon 2 Belon 1




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